Building a Karaoke System

The karaoke mixer is the part of your karaoke setup that will be used to control the volume of the microphones and karaoke player. I will show you what karaoke mixer is best for a professional karaoke system and explain why.

Karaoke Mixer to Get The Music Mixed

Choosing a karaoke mixer for your karaoke system can be made easy by understanding what they do. A karaoke mixer takes all the sound from the microphones and karaoke player then sends that sound to the amplifier and speakers. When you want to make a microphone for one singer louder or adjust the amount of delay effect for a microphone then you do this on the karaoke mixer. You will connect your karaoke player to the karaoke mixer and the microphones also plug into the mixer.

I recommend looking at a karaoke mixer with two or more microphone inputs. Many have more than two but set the minimum at two so you can have two people singing at the same time. If you want a good quality mixer with three microphones then the VocoPro DA-1000 ProVocoPro DA-1000 Pro is a good choice because it is a very good quality mixer and great value in this price range.

When you look at professional karaoke mixers you will find many are rack mountable which means you can screw them to a special frame which can contain your entire karaoke system. There are karaoke mixers that are designed to sit on top of a desktop with rubber or similar footings underneath to protect your furniture and these are good for home karaoke setups.



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