Building a Karaoke System

The main component of your karaoke system is going to be the karaoke player. The type of player you will need and the features that are important will all determine what you buy and we will show you what karaoke players are the best for different purposes.

Choosing a Karaoke Player

There are three main ways karaoke players are used to play karaoke songs. The most popular way is using a karaoke disk called CD+G and other karaoke CD formats. The second most popular way to play karaoke files is to use a USB flash drive containing karaoke files which connects to a USB port on the karaoke player. The third way is have a karaoke player with a build in hard disk that will store your karaoke files. You can have more than one karaoke player in your karaoke system depending on how you will store your karaoke songs.

Karaoke Player Recommendations

I know it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what karaoke player to buy so I will outline some of the ones I know to be good.

Karaoke by Disk: If you want to play songs from a karaoke CD then the one I highly recommend is the RSQ NEO-22 because it works well and the build quality is very good. The NEO-22 will also play karaoke songs from a USB device so if you want to have one of both of these options then the NEO-22 is a good solid choice. You also get a recording feature so you karaoke party guests can take home their performance and there is a scoring feature which can be fun too. Another option to consider is the VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player which has similar features and is slightly cheaper but if your budget allow I recommend the NEO-22.

Buy a karaoke CD player: You can buy a RSQ NEO-22 hereRSQ NEO-22 or the VocoPro DVX890K hereVocoPro DVX890K .

Karaoke by USB: I have already covered two karaoke players that have USB support and to be honest the CD players with USB support are the best way to go if you want to play karaoke files from a removable USB flash drive because it is a feature most of them come with and I have not seen a USB only karaoke player. You could get a cheaper player that you will only use for the USB if you are worried about breaking your main player by contently removing the USB device.

Karaoke by Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD): HDD karaoke players are very new and they require some technical skills getting songs onto them which is why they are not part of every karaoke system by every KJ but I have to admit this is my preferred type of player and is what I am using because it is all contained in one unit and I am comfortable with the technical side of adding new songs. The one that is good is called Karaoke on Demand and they are available from Ace Karaoke.

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