Building a Karaoke System

When you are choosing a microphone for your karaoke system you will need to make sure you get one that is compatible with your setup and I will show you how to choose a karaoke microphone that is best for your karaoke system.

Karaoke Microphone Selection for Your Karaoke System

A karaoke microphone is one of the most important parts of a karaoke system because it is what the singer will use to send their voice to the system. There are different types of microphones and I will talk about them and the advantages of each one so you can decide on the best karaoke microphone for your karaoke system.

Karaoke Microphone Systems

There are two ways you can go about adding a microphone to your karaoke system. Wires microphones plug directly into the karaoke system using a cable and wireless microphones which send the singing to a receiver which is plugged into the karaoke system. Now we will look at both microphone systems in detail.

Wired Microphone

The most common way is to user a wired microphone which will connect to the karaoke system using a cable. When you are using a wired microphone you need to make sure the plug (jack) on the microphone cord is the same size as the mic input on your karaoke system. The most popular jack plug sizes are 6.3mm (¼” Jack) and 3.5mm (1/8″ Jack). Wired microphones are often cheap and easily replaced is damaged by singers and can be purchased from most music stores, karaoke dealers and department stores. Many karaoke system manufactures make microphones designed for their system which can make buying the correct microphone easy. I recommend using a cheaper microphone that still offers a good sound like the Karaoke USA Emerson M189 Professional Dynamic MicrophoneProfessional Dynamic Microphone because they are affordable, sturdy and deliver a clear quality sound most karaoke enthusiasts will love.

Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone does not connect to anything. The microphone is powered by a battery and will send the singing to a receiver which is connected to the karaoke system. The advantage of a wireless microphone not having a cord from the karaoke system to the singer on the floor which can be good if your singers like to dance or move around when singing. Most wireless microphone systems use a 6.3mm (¼” Jack) connection and are designed to plug into any karaoke mixer. I can recommend the PylePro PDWM3375 Premier Series Professional 2-Channel UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone SystemUHF Wireless Handheld Microphone which is easy to install and works well with clear sound and will work well in most home karaoke systems and in a professional karaoke system located in a public venue.

Places to Buy a Karaoke Microphone

You can buy a microphone from most music dealers and also many variety stores and electronic stores. Karaoke microphones are easily found online and seeing as they are not expensive I recommend  only buying a new karaoke microphone and not second hand or used one.

Getting the most use out of your karaoke microphone

A microphone is important to any karaoke system but they are easily broken and need to be looked after. One way to make sure a microphone is looked after is to have a microphone stand which the microphone is clipped to when not being used or when being used in a confined space. This will help avoid damage because of the microphone being dropped on the floor. You can also help extend the life of a microphone by keeping it clean because dirt,dust and other grit can damage the microphone. When the microphone is not being used it should be stored in a safe place to it will not be damaged by other things around it. If you are have a wireless microphone system which is not being used for a long time you should remove the battery from the microphone.


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